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Three sentences about last week [2014-09-19 @ 06:48]
Part of why I lost last week (not this past week, the week before) was that I was on call for work, which is less fun than I remember it being. I mean, it was never fun, but the last time I was part of a pager rotation, it was less disuprtive, because when I got paged, I was usually on IRC, or watching TV, or playing computer games, or otherwise doing something not tremendously importannt or problematic-to-interrupt. These days, I'm mostly doing something with, for, or to the kids -- getting paged while I'm trying to get everyone through breakfast or baths, or when I'm reading a story or playing a game, is always a nuisance, never a "huh I wonder what's up" sort of interesting distraction. Or when I'm asleep, which nowadays is harder to make up for, because these days when I wake up at 06:45, I'm not deciding "enh, I was up for two hours last night, I'll sleep in this morning", I'm opening doors and curtains and saying "hey kids, time to get up!" and knowing that I'm not getting any more sleep for another 14 - 18 hours at least.

It's ok; I don't wish I'd made a different decision about the job. (Among other things, my other options also involved at least some amount of pager duty and off-hours work, and at least we here have our act together about it.) I just hadn't quite anticipated how disruptive it would be.
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Three sentences about MORE PIRATES [2014-09-18 @ 15:48]
Arr! Loot! It's a pirate card game with art by Dylan Meconis and Scott Kurtz, and it's now hit a couple of stretch goals, so backers will get even more cool stuff. Will they hit any more before the Kicksarter ends?
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Three sentences about lost time [2014-09-17 @ 20:43]
Ok, let's see, more time gone. What do I remember. I have some notes:

On Tuesday, lunch and labor at new space, volleyball help.

On Wednesday, sluggish at work, volleyball, AWS.

Huh, well, those are some things. Tuesday is talking about the new office space where our company is moving at the end of December, where a bunch of us headed over at lunchtime to do some cleanup work in exchange for pizza. Volleyball help? Ah, yeah, I remember this: In the fall, BSSC has a Tuesday league at the same place where I run the Wednesday league, and there's someone new running it, so they asked if I could show up too, to show her around, which I did. Wednesday, pretty self-explanatory, except the "AWS" part, which refers to the fact that I'm tinkering with AWS as a likely place to migrate SWARPAnet stuff from its currently hosting provider.

Then some other stuff happened. It was the first week of school! Preschool for Quentin, kindergarten for Junie. They seem to like it. :^) June had a hard transition from home-with-Mama-all-the-time to preschool when she was that age, but Q is more fearless and crazy, and was off fearlessly and crazily running around within seconds of arrival, perhaps dimly aware that Mama was going to leave, reportedly not at all distressed when she did. Good little guy!

I might try to catch up with the past couple of days tonight, but not right this seconds.
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Three sentences about pirates [2014-09-10 @ 06:47]
Arr! Loot! It's a pirate card game with art by Dylan Meconis and Scott Kurtz.
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Three sentences about 2014-09-01 [2014-09-03 @ 14:50]
On Monday, the Wilks came over for waffles breakfast and a playground outing, both of which were fun. And... I don't remember what else, probably some things? I had the day off for Labor Day, so I probably mostly did fun things. :^)

I feel like I'm not getting enough things done. I remember a big wave of excitement about the Getting Things Done methodology; is anyone still using that? TSOR turned up a lot of pages from people who want to sell you something (a book, an app, etc), so I wasn't sure what to make of that. If you tried GTD and liked it and still use it, or tried it and didn't like it and gave it up, I'd be interested in hearing more, especially if you're in the former camp and used an Android app to do it.
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Three sentences about 2014-08-31 [2014-09-03 @ 08:28]
On Sunday, we had a playground playdate with a new kindergarten friend of Junie's (L), the first kid she met who's also in her classroom, after having met a couple who are in the other rooms at previous school-organized incoming-kindergartener meetups. They had a lot of fun, as did Q, and from chatting with L's mom, the two of them were good for each other, encouraging each other to be more adventurous than they usually would be on their own. In the evening, Chaos came over for dinner, and it was nice to hang out with her and have some grownup conversations.
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Three sentences about 2014-08-30 [2014-09-03 @ 06:45]
Whoof, fell behind again. On Saturday, I took Junie to Shotokan, which she enjoyed, and Q and I enjoyed watching her, yay. That evening, I saw Finding Neverland at the ART with Viva, which I liked a lot. Why have I not had ART season tickets for the past several years? Doh. Thanks Viva for suggesting the idea! I liked the show a lot; the male lead had an amazing voice, the first act was so solid that I almost thought they should've ended the show there, and the second act was a little less coherent but still good. I had thought going in that I hadn't seen the movie, and that I didn't even really know much about the actual plot or characters of Peter Pan, but things kept seeming familiar, so I think I knew more than I remembered (or remembered more thank I knew, or something :^). The scene in the park, in particular, was *super* familiar, leading me to think that maybe I had seen the movie after all; but almost nothing else was as much, so who knows. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing more theater in the coming year.
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Three sentences about 2014-08-29 [2014-08-31 @ 00:12]
On Friday, I had the day off, the last of our three Summer Friday bonus holidays, and the first on which I actually managed to take the day off. :^) We went canoeing at Charles River Kayak & Canoe in Kendall Square, which was fun -- Quentin's first ride in a boat! Not without its issues, though: They were short-handed, so there was a long wait to get the canoe, they ended up charging us for a Big Canoe rather than a Normal Canoe because they were confused, we had mis-read what their web site said about validated parking at the nearby garage (only on weekends and after 16:00), and they cheerfully stamped my ticket, which led to me having a minor confrontation with the poor schmuck at the cashier's desk, who said there was no validation until after 16:00 and if those guys at the canoe place said there was that was their problem, and I hadn't like yelled at him or anything, but felt bad that I had been at all cross and glarey and whatnot given that he was 100% right and I was 100% wrong. :^p Anyway, so we liked the activity, but we might do it somewhere else next time.

Came home and hand lunch after that; after lunch, before nap, Junie had a somewhat tragicomical mishap, in which a "dinsoaur book" she had made by drawing a bunch of dinosaur pictures on half sheets of paper and then stapling them together on one edge -- which was super awesome in like six sidfferent ways -- she wanted to staple something else to one of the pages, ended up stapling the entire opposite edge together, and then when she realized that she could no longer turn the pages of the book, she cut the whole thing in half. She is super smart and very resourceful and just awesome, but it is also clear that spatial relations are not her forte at this time. She was very very very sad about this all, but I managed to mostly calm her down, promised to help fix it after napping, and then Amy in fact did fix it with her, so that was ok.

Wow, this was an eventful day: After all that, we went over to Chaos's for her birthday party, where we had delicious India Palace takeout, and I got to play three games, two of them new to me, very exciting! (Big thanks to Amy for taking the kids home and to bed when it was bedtime.) We taught Genial to Junie, which she liked but didn't *quite* understand by the end, but I think that's par for the course for her age. After Amy and the kids left, I played a four player game of Survive!, which was silly and fun and I came in third, and a seven player game of Bang!, which was silly and fun and I (and the other Outlaws) won, in part thanks to Ben stockpiling a gigantic hand of Bang cards, and the gun that lets you shoot more than one bullet per turn, and then all at once emptying like six or seven shots into the Sheriff. :^) Home and to bed after that, but an excellent end to August and the school-year summer.
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Three sentences about 2014-08-28 [2014-08-29 @ 23:50]
Got some stuff at work done on Thursday, although I let myself get tempted into spending most of the day on something more like fun and satisfying than like the most important thing I should be doing. I'll get there. A nice and mellow evening with the kids, then some IRC, where Chaos talked about some SWARPAnet stuff, and we may have more of a plan now. (Our current stuff is on bare metal at a colo, the hardware is old and expensive, we're thinking about what to do next.)
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Three sentences about 2014-08-27 [2014-08-27 @ 21:14]
A pretty good day at work today, I finished up (or got into a state where I'm done for now) a variety of small things and the inventory thing, and have now focused my baleful gaze on a "data ETL" (Extract, Transfer, and Load) thing, mostly so far including a meeting and follow-up conversation to understand what I'm supposed to do and how I probably ought to do it. :^) Tomorrow, I will attack it in earnest.

Is it already Wednesday? I somehow thought this morning that yesterday had been Monday. Oof.

I've started using FB Purity to try to make Facebook somewhat more usable. It's not bad, so far. Lots of knobs, still figuring out which ones to turn for maximum impact.
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Three sentences about 2014-08-26 [2014-08-27 @ 07:56]
More progress on inventory stuff at work, which continues to be not quite finished, but to get better and better as I keep working on it, so that's something anyway. Found a weird bug late this evening which turned out not to be my fault, which was amusing but a little frustrating (especially at myself, for not thinking "hmm, maybe this behavior is due to a change someone else made" earlier). I tried stopping by the Fresh Pond TJ's on the way home rather than the Arlington one, and I think it took less time but in more traffic, so will have to think about what makes the most sense in general.

Otherwise, I sent off another flurry of volleyball mail, pretty close to finalizing the rosters for this fall. Kids are good, stuff is good. :^)
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Three sentences about the hole in my brain [2014-08-26 @ 09:51]
Hmm, so what happened here... I had been keeping very brief notes in a file about each day, and turning them into Three Sentences posts, temporarly cutting the later notes out of the file while I ran my post script, and then pasting them back in again. That worked fine, but then I went to make a non Three Sentences post, and didn't immediately paste back in the Three Sentences notes, and then my laptop crashed, and my notes were gone. So I fell into deep despair, and stopped posting, but have now stopped feeling sorry for myself, and am going to start again.

Sorry, future Josh, about the two-week gap in your memory. Some good stuff happened, and probably some bad stuff, and it ended up mostly ok.
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Police and cameras [2014-08-22 @ 14:27]
I really liked The idea that the police are the part of the community whose job is to help everyone stay peaceful, rather than some external force whose job is to crush anyone who tries to act violent, seems like a really powerful one to me.

I also like body cameras, but it seems to me like a big problem with putting body cameras on the people you're trying to watch is that it's hard to prevent them from subverting the cameras. I mean, you can tell them not to, and punish them if they do, but if the punishment is worse than being filmed, they'll do it and get punished -- and I think you don't want the punishment to be too draconian, or you abuse people who make mistakes (or create great incentives to cover up mistakes, or whatever).

For me, this is one of the big points in favor of things like Google Glass: What you really want is not for the police to be constantly filming all the people they do things to, but for everyone *else* to be constantly filming what the police are doing to them.
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Facebook is a terrible way to disseminate important information [2014-08-14 @ 22:58]
Ferguson offers the latest example of how Facebook is a *terrible* method for disseminating important information:

I think it's a stretch to pull Net Neutrality into this, but the Facebook vs Twitter angle is super interesting, and not something I'd thought about at all.

It's also interesting to me personally because "Facebook is the wrong method for communicating thus and so" sort of contradicts something that I've thought for a while, about e.g. e-mail vs Usenet vs FTP vs Gopher vs the web (this is a pretty old thought :^), which is: The important thing is to get your content out there, and you should be relatively willing to make it available via lots of methods. Saying "I can't publish this on Usenet, I can only publish this via e-mail, because Usenet isn't for this kind of content" is dumb; Usenet and e-mail (et al) are just methods for people to consume content, and you should publish your content in whatever ways will get it consumed in the way you want it to be consumed.

Facebook breaks this because you can't just publish your content there -- they *curate* it, and moderate it, and exercise editorial control over it, to determine who sees it and when and how prominently. I think people are starting to realize the extent of this, but it's not clear to me how much anyone cares (or at least how much anyone thinks it's a problem).

Ironically, Facebook actually works very well for me right now, because I've got it delivering everyone's posts, in chronological order, as soon as they're posted, via my consumption method of choice (e-mail). But most people use the web UI or the mobile app, and thus get only the Facebook Inc approved moderated curated view of the content their friends are *trying* to communicate to them.

Bleah. This issue makes me angry and sad. :^(
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RIP RW [2014-08-11 @ 21:08]
Alan Moore said it well:

Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed, life is harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in threatening world. Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town. Go see him. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. "But doctor," he says, "I am Pagliacci."

Man, what a clown.
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Three sentences about 2014-08-05 [2014-08-10 @ 23:49]
Behind. Hardly news. Tuesday? Tuesday we had site issues. Bleah. I was up late dealing with them, and that's all I remember.
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Visualizing Git [2014-08-07 @ 15:22]
The thing that I really have a hard time with, with Git, is visualizing the state of the repo. Like, what's my commit tree, where are my current refs pointing, etc. All the docs about Git have these awesome graphs to make it easy to understand what's supposed to happen; I haven't figured out how to get that kind of visualization of what's *actually* happened in any given repo. Like the stuff on and, or How do I get a visual graph like that for my actual repo? 'git log --graph' and 'git show-branch' ain't doin' it for me.
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Three sentences about 2014-08-04 [2014-08-06 @ 15:48]
On Monday, our site issues continued at work, bleah. I was there late, but made it home in time to have dinner while the kids were having dessert, and then take them while Amy went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy. Solo bedtime for both kids is often challening, but it's gotten easier as Junie's gotten more independent (and taken more of a sense of pride in being able to do her own thing, rather than being cranky that she has to do things herself while Quentin gets babied).

Bedtime was particularly nice this time: Junie and I are telling an ongoing story, with a new fairy-tale character in each chapter, so we told tonight's chapter in Quentin's room, with both of them in his bed, and then she asked if she could stay and sleep with him, which he also said he wanted to do. I said that we could try it, but that if either of them was having trouble sleeping, she should just head to her room and sleep the rest of the night there, and she said ok. I sang them some songs for a while, and eventually Junie said (somewhat tiredly) "I think I'll head to my bed", and got up and did that. He was asleep about five minutes later, and she was too when I went to check on her. Super sweet. :^)

A link! I have a lot of links, but I liked this Dilbert comic:
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Three sentences about 2014-08-03 [2014-08-04 @ 22:48]
Sunday was a nice relaxing weekend day. I took the kids in the morning, napped after lunch, and shopped in the afternoon, before cooking in the evening. Tacos, yum, which we tried with bell peppers (which Junie (and I) like in general) instead of zucchini (which Amy (and I) like in general), hoping that Junie would like them in this context and that Amy wouldn't hate them. Seemed to work! We'll probably try zucchini again at some point, but Junie likes tacos in general, so it's nice when she expresses her enjoyment of them rather than whining about the zucchini. :^p
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Three sentences about 2014-08-02 [2014-08-04 @ 21:13]
I took the kids in the morning on Saturday, and then had a nice nap while Amy took Junie to shotokan (and Q along to play). Junie and I played Aquarius after I woke up; her main weakness at this point is that she has a hard time remembering where the goals are, so if they get rotated, and then one of the rotated-out goals gets seven, I can much more consistently get my hands back on that goal than she can. She'll get there! :^) After Q woke up from his nap, Chaos came over, and we played in the backyard for a while, while Amy cooked up a fantastic feast featuring (from my point of view) bacon-wrapped scallops. Ka-yum!
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Three sentences about 2014-08-01 [2014-08-04 @ 17:37]
On Friday, I had major Git woes, which I'm still going to try to sort out, but in a nutshell, in case this rings a bell with anyone, the problem seems to be that I created a branch, did some work on it, merged in master, and did some more work on it. Now I'm trying to merge in master again, to pick up changes that other people have made, but none of the changes that anyone else has made are to any of the files that I'm changing (because I'm just adding new things), and I haven't changed anything other than the files I'm adding... Nevertheless, it thinks there's a merge conflict, apparently because it thinks that the commits from the previous merge are now part of my branch, are downstream of the common ancestor of my branch and master, and now conflict with things that other people did in master. What I *thought* would happen is that after my previous merge, my branch and master would have a new (more recent) common ancestor, such that the next merge could simply fast-forward again... But that doesn't seem to have happened. So I need to figure out (a) how to get myself out of this mess; (b) how to avoid it in the future. Meanwhile, I'm sort of stuck on the inventory project (which is what I'm doing in this branch), because the next thing I want to do is test my stuff in a non-destructive mode on some live systems, which I can't really do without being in synch with master otherwise. Bleah.

In the evening, we went to the birthday party that was rescheduled from Sunday, and a good time was had by all. One highlight was a pinata, which at first led me to think "ooh, Quentin is totally going to rock this, despite being three years younger than the other kids, because whacking things with sticks is like his number one skill". :^) Turns out he is much better at whacking things with sticks that are about his size, than with sticks that are, say, the size of a broomstick and an inch around, which turned out to be much too heavy for him, poor guy. He had fun trying to swing it, anyway, and we all had a good time.
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Three sentences about 2014-07-31 [2014-08-04 @ 10:26]
On Thursday, we continued to wrestle with the DB issues that had been vexing us all week. There was also some confusion with billing from Junie's preschool: I noticed we had gotten a credit in our bank account for a month's tuition, on May 28th, shortly after our bank auto-mailed them the May payment, and I wasn't sure what was up with that, and the invoices they were sending us didn't entirely make sense, with balances and transactions not entirely adding up... With August her last month, they finally added everything up, and we realized that they never deposited (never received?) the *February* check, which was farther back than we'd been looking, and evidently our bank credited us for it having gone missing 90 days later. So, that's all squared away now, and it's weird to think that after three years of daily (weekday) attendance we've got three more weeks before we move into what will probably be a nearly completely disjoint era.
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Three sentences about 2014-07-30 [2014-08-03 @ 20:47]
Wednesday at work featured more DR planning, and more flailing around with inventory stuff, although I've helpfully forgotten the details. Volleyball wasn't great either, we went 2 - 6 and didn't have much energy and I personally didn't play very well at all, meh. Just that sort of a day I guess.
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Choking [2014-08-02 @ 09:10]
An interlude to express that I am cross about the coverage of the guy in NYC who police killed after they confronted him and he wasn't cooperative. I feel like the fact that they "put him in a chokehold" is being pounded on over and over and over again, as if the awful thing about this whole situation is that the police "put a guy in a chokehold", as if that specific physical technique was appalling and disgusting, in the way that one might be appalled and disgusted if they had strip-searched him in the street in broad daylight, or tortured him with a cattle prod for their own amusement, or something like that.

The horrible thing about this story has *nothing* to do with the police "putting him in a chokehold"; the horrible thing about this story is that the police took a peaceful ordinary guy who was minding his own business, and turned him into a violent criminal -- a criminal so violent that they felt it necessary to *kill* him to protect themselves -- because he was *evading fucking cigarette taxes*.

There's *nothing* wrong with putting a violent criminal into a chokehold. [1]

There's a *lot* wrong with provoking a peaceful ordinary middle-aged guy into violence, to the extent that the confrontation leads to his death.

*That* is horrible, and *that* is what all the headlines should say: "NYC police kill man suspected of selling cigarettes". Not nonsense about scary-sounding (but politically-inoffensive) "chokeholds".

Come the fuck on.

[1] (Ok, there is also something about NYPD rules prohibiting chokeholds, which people are very interested in talking about, a lot, including arguing about what a "chokehold" is (an air choke? a blood choke? etc). That is a *smokescreen* to *distract* you from the fact that the NYPD *killed a man* who they *suspected* of *selling cigarettes**.)
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Three sentences about 2014-07-29 [2014-08-01 @ 21:29]
Tuesday, hmm. I did dropoff in the morning, and stopped by the local optician where I got my new lenses (Arlington Vision Center, recommended) for a tune-up on the way to work. (My frames tend to get bent out of shape a little, what with the kids and all, and since they're magical Flexon stuff, they're hard for me to bend back into shape with my fingers.) At work? Probably more inventory stuff? Gotta stop falling behind.
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Three sentences about 2014-07-28 [2014-07-31 @ 13:51]
On Monday, I sorted out what to do with the inventory script, and did it, and it's basically done now. (Famous last words, I know.) I finished the audiobook of When We Wake in the car on the way home, and liked it; highly recommended if you like that sort of thing (YA SF). Then probably some things in the evening, but I'm falling behind again, sigh.
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Three sentences about 2014-07-27 [2014-07-28 @ 08:37]
On Sunday, a classmate of Junie's was having a birthday party at a playground with a splash park feature, but the forecast was for rain, so they had to postpone. I made waffles and we played around the house for a while, and then Grandman Betsy came over for lunch, and the kids had fun playing with her. She and Junie and I played a game of Aquarius, which was fun -- I won, but Junie was close at a couple of points, and showed some good strategy too, making a move that was going to set up a good play next turn. I hadn't realized she was thinking ahead more than one move in games, that's pretty cool. :^) Naps after that, a quick trip to TJ's, dinner and bed. Oh, one other bad thing: Our fire alarm went off twice for no obvious reason, and in annoying and useless ways... We have a hard-wired system that supposed tells you which alarm is going off when it's going off, but this just blared for like five seconds and then stopped. The first time, Junie was very upset, as we got shoes on so we'd be ready to leave the house if we had to; the second time, Quentin burst into tears and needed a lot of snuggles to calm down, poor guy. I guess we are not entirely over the fire after all. :^p But the day was otherwise very nice. :^)
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Three sentences about 2014-07-26 [2014-07-27 @ 22:53]
On Saturday morning, we started off the day with a playground meetup of incoming kindergartners at Junie's school, where she played with a friend she met at the previous one of these, and some other kids too. Q ran around and had fun too, and I then took Junie straight to shotokan while he stayed behind with Amy to play a little more. We went shopping for gloves on the way home, after the bike shop guy recommended that we just get some kids' gardening gloves for $5 rather than Cycling Gloves TM for $25. That accomplished, we headed home for lunch and to pick up Junie's bike, before heading out to Three Playgrounds Park while Quentin napped. (It probably has some other name, but it has a field and a playground and is adjacent to an elementary school that has two playgrounds of its own, so.) We tried riding the bike, which mostly involved me holding her balanced while she tried to figure out how to pedal. :^) She was making some progress by the end! Still working on figuring out that she can't stop pedaling and keep moving, but we'll get there. She also did a good job of putting her foot down when I let her tip over enough that she needed to, which I found reassuring. We also flew the smaller of my two kites for a bit during a break, but the wind was too erratic, as usual; and she played with another kid who she met there, whose father, amusingly, saw my GENI water bottle and asked some questions about the project (which he wasn't involved with, but had encountered (he said) while a grad student at Penn State). All in all, a long but fun-filled day. :^)
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Three sentences about 2014-07-25 [2014-07-27 @ 18:20]
On Friday, I wrapped up some other small tickets at work, and mostly focused on the DR/datacenter project. My grandboss bought us lunch for Sysadmin Day, which was very nice. That evening, we set up the T-Mobile signal booster we'd gotten (for free, if your circumstances indicate that it would help, and ours did), concluded that signal within the house was now good enough, and initiated the process to move our numbers from AT&T. I had been a Pacific Bell Wireless customer since 1999; a little over fifteen years with these guys. The devil I knew was always just a little more appealing than jumping ship, until the past year or so. It was all strangely anti-climactic: A couple of web forms to unlock our (out-of-contract) phones, a final phone call to release the numbers, and voila.
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Three sentences about 2014-07-24 [2014-07-26 @ 22:07]
Another sluggish Thursday, fneh. Some meetings, some Python, the latter of which led me to realize that I was once again falling down the slippery slope of creating massive complicated data structures when I should be using objects. Thinking about rewriting a bunch of stuff, worried that it will be too time-consuming, worried that not doing it will lead to hard-to-maintain code. Meh.

After work, Junie and I bought a bike! The one we had looked at on Monday, which we'd decided to leave the pedals on and the training wheels off, and see how it goes. She's super excited about trying it out this weekend!
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Three sentences about 2014-07-23 [2014-07-25 @ 21:50]
I realized that I had been thinking about some aspects of the inventory script the wrong way, and did a bunch of reworking on it, but now have it into a pretty good state. Had a meeting about it in the afternoon, at which we all agreed that this was a good plan and we should forge ahead, which is always reassuring. :^) Volleyball was good, we went 5 - 3 in the upper half including losing our first two games to a very beatable team while we were still adjusting to having a new starter (and being down a player, who arrived late). Only two weeks left before playoffs I guess, and then a break of a couple of weeks until the fall seasons start up in September...
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Three sentences about 2014-07-22 [2014-07-25 @ 16:40]
On Tuesday, I did a bit more work on the inventory stuff, but also learned how to upgrade Ansible, which was relatively fun, and involved some cool Git trickeration to reapply to the new version some local changes that we'd made to the previous version. That night, I took the kids while Amy went to the Queen/Adam Lambert concert, and we went to Friendly's, as we are wont to do. :^) A few variations to the usual stuff, in which Q had a quesadilla instead of a hot dog, and Junie tried a new flavor of ice cream (with some dumb name like "Hunka Chunka PB Fudge", something peanut butter and chocolate anyway), but a reliably fun routine. :^)
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Three sentences about 2014-07-21 [2014-07-25 @ 13:20]
On Monday, I made a bunch of progress on the inventory script; I really like Python. In the evening, Junie and I went shopping for a bike! She's been scooting around on a glider bike for a while now, and has gotten to the point where (a) she can actually glide; (b) the glider bike is sort of comically small for her at this point. We decided to start with a bike shop, to figure out what size was best for her, and it turns out that a 20" is just *slightly* too big and a 16" is fine for now and has some room to grow. They also had a used bike that she really liked; we need to think a little about training wheels vs not, and pedals vs not (maybe she would benefit from some more gliding practice, but on a bigger bike), but I think we're pretty close. :^)
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Three sentences about 2014-07-20 [2014-07-24 @ 20:47]
Last Sunday, hmm, I wrote down "basement, nap, Indian". Pretty sure that's because we spent some more time working on basement stuff, I had a good long nap, and we had Indian for dinner. Three sentences? Three words? Close enough. :^)
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Three sentences about 2014-07-19 [2014-07-24 @ 16:12]
Last Saturday, Amy's uncle Doug and cousin Liam came to visit; Doug is her youngest uncle, 13 years younger than her dad and thus only 10 years older than me, and so Liam is like twelve or thirteen, and thus in the category of "interesting big kid" from Junie's point of view. :^) We hung out for a while, and it was nice to see them. Naps in the afternoon, and then Amy and I went out to Flora, a fancy restaurant down the street, where we had a variety of tasty things while her parents babysat.

After we came home and put the kids to bed, we did some work on stuff in the basement, which is currently full of boxes of things we salvaged from the condo after the fire, and are slowly going through. (And either storing, cleaning so we can use them again, or tossing, depending -- our books, for example, we figured we didn't want to keep most of, but we couldn't stand to go through them all in bunny suits and face masks in the hot and humid and no-electricy condo, so we just took them all (well, most) and figured we'd sort it out later. Now it's later.)

I guess it's been nearly two years now; it feels pretty far in the past at this point, we moved into the new house like eighteen months ago, and sold the condo almost a year ago. A lot has happened since then. :^) But it remains one of the defining features of our recent lives, and our kids' lives. So many random things that would have been different: Junie makes a whole new set of friends going into kindergarten (because her preschool friends are mostly going to kindergarten in Somerville), Quentin goes to a brand new preschool instead of the one Junie went to (and the one that her friends' little siblings are/will-be going to), Junie never has to either share her room with Quentin or decide she's ready to move her bedroom downstairs (or who knows what all else we would have done), Quentin never sleeps in a crib, the list just goes on and on. I do believe that how we respond and react to all these random factors in our lives has a lot to do with who we are, but there sure are a shitload of random factors out there, and our fortunes (for better or for worse) are obviously not entirely determined by the careful and considered decisions we make.
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Three sentences about 2014-07-18 [2014-07-24 @ 10:34]
On Friday, I started working in earnest on our inventory system, which is pretty interesting to me, but the details are probably not very interesting to anyone else. :^) We also started talking about my next big project, which the inventory stuff is sort of a first step towards, involving our production data centers and disaster recovery and stuff. (I should find out at some point how detailed I can be about that kind of thing -- after four and a half years on an NSF-funded project at BBN, which was required to be very transparent (very different from anything else at BBN), I'm out of practice thinking about whether saying things like "we tested our disaster recovery plan and it worked perfectly", or "we've started working on the start of a disaster recovery plan", or whatever the actual case may be in our case, is ok to say in public.)

Friday evening, we ... did some stuff? I honestly have no idea. :^p But I'm catching up!
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Three sentences about 2014-07-17 [2014-07-24 @ 07:08]
Thursday was a sluggish day, as it often is. I've sort of given up on getting to bed at a reasonable time after volleyball, but should maybe try harder, because it makes my Thursdays a bit of a slog. I made it through the day, anyway, and if not in top shape was at least not useless. The new car mounts for our phones arrived today, another step towards switching towards my new phone finally being my primary phone. We had dinner with Amy's parents at Bluefin, which remains popular with kids (especially the edamame and chicken teriyaki) and grownups (sushi) alike, and then home to bed.
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Three sentences about 2014-07-16 [2014-07-24 @ 00:44]
Last Wednesday, I started working on my next biggish project, revamping our inventory system. We've got a couple of sources of inventory data: Static files work ok for relatively static hosts, but for more ephemeral (e.g. cloud-based) things, you need a dynamic inventory script to tell you what hosts you have right now. Ansible can consume both static and dynamic inventory sources, but they're not necessarily well-integrated into anything coherent... So I'll be writing some Python to make that happen.

Volleyball was good, we were 21 - 19 going into the night but that had us in a three-way tie for fifth place, which meant we ended up playing in the lower division again. We went 6 - 2, which should keep us in the upper division for at least a little while, and went out to RF O'Sullivan's afterwards for tasty burgers, as one of our starters is moving to California, and this was his last night of play. Yum!
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Three sentences about 2014-07-15 [2014-07-23 @ 17:54]
Last Tuesday, I finished another Git-related thing, combining a couple of repositories into one. It went mostly well, although my notes say I ended up stuck at work kind of late for some reason; I don't recally exactly why, and I think it turned out mostly ok, but that hadn't happened in a while, anyway. It was sort of nice in a way, to be working on something that seemed important enough that I shouldn't just walk away from it at 17:00 regardless of what state it was in. :^)
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Three sentences about 2014-07-14 [2014-07-23 @ 07:14]
More than a week behind is pretty far behind. If I can't catch up today, I'm gonna give up on that week, because now I'm forgetting what happened *this* week. :^p

For last Monday, I seem to have written down "Catching up at work, mellow evening, T-Mobile update." I'm not sure was new with T-Mobile at that point, but we were somewhere in the middle of our multi-step dance to unlock our phones and get new SIM cards and stuff.

Here's where we are now, which is a little stuck: Things seem generally good, except that phone signal is not at all very good *in our house*, which is a place we are a lot of the time. So we're thinking about options, two of which are: (1) Get a cheapo landline so we have some way to make (and receive) calls in a pinch if we just can't get a good signal; (2) Get a Google Voice number, so we can have it try our cell phones, and fall back to something else if they don't work. (Vonage? Skype? A land line? Something.)

The last time I asked about Google Voice, the comments weren't great. Is anyone using Google Voice like this who generally likes it? If so, what do you like (and/or dislike) about it? Also, can you configure your number so that it rings one cell phone and then another? I sort of thought you could, but ("Sharing a forwarding phone number") says "You can share a home or work number across two Google Voice numbers, but you can't share a mobile phone number." which makes it sound like we can't each have a GV number which forwards to our phone first and the other's fphone second? Not sure. Anyway, any success (or non-success!) stories greatly appreciated.
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